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Clean water is a problem in India and other overcrowded cities within the region, where contamination by bacteria can cause high rates of diarrhea, harming children’s growth and health. Amy Pickering, who focuses on water quality and diarrheal disease, was checking out a water treatment technology that would work without electricity and operate. So, she assessed a singular product that automatically dispenses small amounts of chlorine to make safe beverage . The dispensers were installed at strategic water points—usually communal handpumps—that typically serve anywhere from 10 to 100 families.

India has about 650,000 villages. Many have tried different techniques to influence people to use a rest room - some successfully, some not. What if there have been a “Google of Sanitation”, where you'll look for success stories of others who have faced an equivalent situation, and a “LinkedIn of Sanitation” where you'll reach bent peers with questions? India’s government and therefore the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development are together creating a platform for this, using systematic knowledge-sharing and learning as an approach to support the Swachh Bharat Mission and alter behaviors.

Everyone knows our human body mainly consists of water and the important fluids are present in our muscles, bones, and brain. One can’t survive without the water and it is very hard to survive without having pure water. A good quality of home water purifier detoxifies our body and gives proper relief to our mind. Our mind will not function properly if we drink poor quality of water; one can feel sluggish and may suffer from dehydration because of lacking high-quality water.

When water insecurity repeatedly affects populations, it can act as a risk multiplier, fueling the perception that institutions and governments are ‘not doing enough’, exacerbating existing grievances, creating new risks, and deepening inequities. In turn, this contributes to destabilizing already fragile contexts, aggravating the challenges of water management, and perpetuating a vicious circle of water insecurity and fragility.

Having a good quality of water is good for the skin. One can look young even at an older age because pure water directly affects our skin.

Pure water directly affects our mucous membrane that covers our nose, throat, neck, bronchi, and lungs so these parts should be healthy

Daily intake of pure water will reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and also reduce the problems of brain diseases.


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